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 Vision Summit 2011 - do not wait. innovate!
picture picture picture 9 Apr 2011 @ 07:41, by Heiner Benking

See the deep site Vision Summit 2011. Below I will summ up the officail objectives by the organizers, and later report personal impressions and provide some backgrounds & links)

Official objective of the Summit: A revolution of social innovations, this is the aim:
* Create a new way of exchange of experiences with more than 150 of the most experienced and successful practitioners in about 50 workshops and 20 "Stimulus-Events" on two conference days
* Develop a new culture of social innovation with the method of Design Thinking in an all-day workshop
* Integrate the activities of Social Entrepreneurship, Social Business, Sustainable Economy and CSR to an intelligent link between economy and social responsability with the objecitve to build up a strong movement of Social Impact Business.

""The man topics are: Basis Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Organization, Initiatives, Finance, Education and Ecology""

more below at [more]

I srongly recommend to check these up-dates and tweeds, as as always: many eyes and hands and minds can achieve more - goto ECHO !!

I just survived barfely the second day, two days full on dialogic, joyful, creative and structured design, and yesterday the full day of VISION SUMMIT, today is the last day, so come to see how I compare to earlier summits and the outcomes, pros and cons this year.

This blog was intended for Saturday - but here we go.... as there seem to be invisible time-boundaries I am not aware of... so more tomorrow - same place.. meanwhile maybe check: [link] the Terra Network and the Network of Worldwide Projects at the EXPO [link], the outstanding milestone and "craddle" for many important "moves" around the World Exhibition - so check out also Gunter PAULI, ZERI and Blue Economy and hear his keynote tomorrow. Today he gave a moving LAUDATION for Ernst von Weizs├Ącker. Check the VISION SUMMIT programme for details !!

After Gunter Pauli, we now study the landmark team project outcomes of the DESIGN THINKING workshops on Thursday. see link above !

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