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 The CeBIT world cloud, Mr. Watson, and 100 years IBM and news from HPI
picture picture picture picture 28 Feb 2011 @ 19:12, by Heiner Benking

Last night, before the CeBIT was opened the 25th time
and IBM celebrated 100 years ... we all had a chance to meet "WATSON" [link], lady chancellor Merkel form Germany, president Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan from Turkey, all were at awe watching Watson answering questions from nowhere from all subjects and regions. The CeBIT will open in a few minutes, so I can check-out myself, see what is new and how concepts serving mankind can benefit from more access to more data and information. I was thinking immediately about DROPPING KNOWLEDGE [link] - so let us see if we can find orientation and wisdom for positive ends... [link] see also PROBLEMA: [link]
see (more) below !!

20 years CeBIT is quite something, that was when IBM introduced the PC, a baby it supported but lost.... - so now we get introduced to the Cloud of ubiquitous computing, no data are anymore located, all are volative, being stored and maybed intercepted, or not.... This makes me remember the Hannover fair 40 years ago, with data local and lost on disks or in repositories. So where are we going ?

Today I explored the time-space navigation in the SynchronOptic World History of the Digital Peters ! **** check this out - more later..

The Highlight today for me was definitely the cloud and inference reasoning BUT the annoucement of IN-MEMORY data management by the HPI and others. The book produced with Springer Publishers really covers a mile stone of data-processing for the commercial or business world - and even moe so for the environmental and cultural/societal applications when we realise that we can not store living dynamic processes in columsn and draw a bottom-line ! - This has much to do with about the early meta-information concepts (not just meta-data - so data are nt stored in silos or warehouse but are viewed and changed simultaneously.....

So Hasso Plattern was there to give a living example of "out-of-the box" thinking - the very thing the EC Commissioner and VP (above) requested repeatedly....

The whole matter on DESIGN THINKING and maybe a need for SHARED co-creative DESIGN and REALIZATION is antother topic, beside the question I raised in the event ... more to come soon...

In the old days we said (late 70ies) "when the oild came, the water went" and IBM - that is very easy: Inshala, Bukra, Mumkin = Manyana power3
got to rush ... more later..

multi-lingual !?? Humanistic Anschauung / Vision-Logik ?

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