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 Rudolf Steiner - 150 years
picture picture picture 27 Feb 2011 @ 15:36, by Heiner Benking

Last Sunday was a special day - the celebration of 150 years Rudolfg Steiner and his Antroposophy - [link]

I was all ears as this year is also the celebration of 150 years Tagore [link] and to compare these 2 very special people, their focus on EDUCATION and AGRICULTURE can teach us event today a lot !

In the Konzerthaus in Berlin a very special crowd gathered - a collection of very special people you might find only inn places like Dornach, as Berlin and Dornach were very special periods in Steiner's life. Learning about the person of Steiner was very rewarding. I also learned about a congress to take place in BERLIN in October [link]

I was often remembered about a very special person, Friedemann Schwartzkopf, which I have met in California long ago when he intorduced his "Metamorphosis of the Given"
The Metamorphosis of the Given (Revisioning Philosophy, Vol 20) [Paperback]

new for me were teh whereabouts of Steiner in Berlin in a new book: Rudolf Steiner in Berlin: Rudolf Steiners Impulse, Begegnungen und Wirkensst├Ątten in Berlin 1897-1923 - Eintr├Ąge in die Zukunft - [link]

Dashing now to Hannover for the CeBIT 2011 there is little time to go further here, but hopefully soon more....

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