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picture picture picture picture 28 Jan 2011 @ 11:52, by Heiner Benking

Two days ago, Gunter Pauli presented "GREEN-BLUE" solutions GREEN-BLUE in Berlin, since 3 days Michael Braungart and Monika Griefahn are kicking-off the C2C Festival and for 2 days the "waste incinerators" were meeting here.
So what have we learned and achieved in the last 25 and more years about envionmental analytics, life-cycles, eco-efficiency, green-building and production,... and what does it mean for our life styles and city-design?
But also a lot of negative "progress" or process optimization presented at the: Berliner Abfallwirtschafts- und Energiekonferenz - Optimierung der Abfallverbrennung
Let us not forget, Germany is one of the world-leader in burning waste, a raw model for many countries in the world (which can afford it) and definitely no sustainable solution, given the energy input and the loss of assets! Only again one appealing example of "What the eyes does not see, the heart does not crave for, but all the burden on future generations and putting in jeopardy peaceful futures.

You know that we as CGI are concerned about this and use the "Blue-Green" since long, and you find it nicely explained here with the EPEA-ACADEMY [link]

and keeping also the Energy portrait in red/yellow sunrays in mind. see (more) below: (and the Water Intelligence Blog April 18 - (later added [link]))

But now lets focus on the the Blue-Green solutions Gunter Pauli is presenting all-over the planet, and lets also focus on Michael Braungart, both with ZERI and EPEA are missionaries of the blue-green" 20 years. So let us see in the last publications what is possible and where we have been already 30 or 40 years ago, and how slow and easlily progress has been put on hold over 2 generations, in times when the problematique dramatically pushed us "down-circle". So where are we in view of the needed robust pathes and rebound (bumerang) effects?
Please revist the 3 recommendations 3 recommendations from Africa beyond Poverty 15 years ago, and come back later to this page, maybe after checking the festival and literature above. All 3 recommendations should be looked into again. C2C proponets might say intelligent solutions, with "innovation platforms improving quality" might make the population issue less pressing and help focussing more on the recommendataion items 2 and 3 !
Please come back and let us check scales, proportions, consequences, priorities, urgencies and importances...

Meanwhile maybe check our C2C Atelier exercise report where we assembeled in a large circle and discussed deeply, intensively and inviting "out-of-the-box" encopuragement and co-creation: invitation [link] and the report: [link]
and not forget to check out: The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, C2Ccertified [link]

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