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 Global-Regional-Local = Glocal - The 3rd Agriculture Minister Summit
picture picture picture picture 22 Jan 2011 @ 12:29, by Heiner Benking

Trade and Global Food Security: Global - Regional – Local
Global Forum for Food and Agriculture Berlin 2011

I was just about to revist 20 years GLOCAL when I see this years title of the Agriculture Minister Summit. Reporting about last years summit outcomes, specially point II: Support renewable energies and carbon storage in soils
see this Blog Jan 2010: and reporting the recommendations in Toronto, Copenhagen, Geneva (see more below in this Blog) I am happy that with this title we might be able to discuss the need to bridge, sectors, scales, terminologies,... to come to shared understanding and action. (more below)

I came originally for one of the key pre-opening event for the International Year of Forests 2011
as we are planning an event in March in Geneva linking water and forest (vegetation) issues on the occasion of the IYF 2011. See EarchFocus foundation events like this on Climate Change, which I attended for the Council on Global Issues:

Back to the Agriculture Ministers Summit:
The SUB-title GLOBAL - REGIONAL - LOCAL sounded really appealing to me, but in the Press Conference I only heard about the needed "stratification of problems" instead tackling issues with an
"elevator" across scales in mind (interaction along and across hierarchical scales /my topic now since 25 years / what a shame)
, as we had discussed around the MDG and Food and Poverty sessions and commissions over the years....

So frustration ! Why? I had been very convinced of the credibility and depth of such another Summit and have often cited the last years outcomes: Specially the 4 concrete recommendations and so was eager to hear about the achievements along these recommendations and the follow-up process: Bullet II. was "Support renewable energies and carbon storage in soils" Have a look at the 4 action areas !!

But this year no "Outcomes" but only a Final Communiqué was published with the typical "welcome, regard, underline, affirm, note, emphasise,..." or as I would say little concrete in regard to specific action you can put your finger on next year..
maybe also check the Outcome 2009
Good Intentions !

The WELTHUNGER HILFE book on World Food and Nutrition was presented 2 days ago ! Have a look ! But where we stand conceerning FOOD and SECURITY became visible when you look at the trends, neutrally collected by a German NGO in the business since decades...


Meanwhile MAYBE check GLOCAL in the Wikipedia, enjoy "Development-of-the-Concept":|"Development-of-the-Concept}

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