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 Eulogy for Benoît Mandelbrot
picture 17 Oct 2010 @ 10:21, by Heiner Benking

it looks like we are heading towards winter. Too many people seem to be not ready to go with the clans through the winter....
I just heard in the radio taht Benoît Mandelbrot passed away last week.
Oh, how important he was to me..We visualized his Mandelbrot fractals, Julia and Mandelbrot sets, and Lorenz Attractor .... and had the computers, even the modern small supermicros like(RISK - SPS9, before APOLLO DOMAIN)as the PC was only about to get available and in no way able to manage such graphics, raster computer graphics software from the Eureopean Software Contractors (later UNIRAS) in the early 80ies...

Such mathematical vizualisation applications, beside exploration and remote sensing and even finding the Titanic, or visualizing environmental data, were alerting me and opening my eyes to the potentials of modeling and presenting the invisible and intangible, later also the virtual realities and potentials and the challengesconnected.

For the Germans, us in Bremen, Heinz-Otto Peitgen Heinz-Otto Peitgen was a good resource and partner.

I just heard in the Radio he made it possible to suvey clouds and shorelines. What a statement ! a pure overclaim and oversimplification - but this is our media....
[more later] he knew Ilya Prigogine and would in no way had made such claims. We should in the media also cover fidelity and truthing with clear mean statements.

We have met often around the IBM, their executive briefing centers, for example in La Hulpe in the early 80ies, and last in 1993 in Turku. See the summary of the WFSF conference in Helsingin Sannomat. (see second figure presenting our youth workshop as part of the WFSF conference.

Ilya definitely belong to my list of people influencing me profoundly. I need to make amends and maybe do some better documentation these days...

I recommend this recent article in the NYT: [link] and this Wikipedia page:ît_Mandelbrot

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