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 Eulogy for Hermann Scheer
picture picture 16 Oct 2010 @ 05:47, by Heiner Benking

Hermann passed away yesterday, I heard it early yesterday and was deeply touched. He was so young, just a few years older, and had so much still on the agenda. Only think about EUROSOLAR in Berlin in only 6 weeks !!

I met him about 25 years ago and we had since the beginning the sme drives and saw the same urgencies, so for me - even when there was too much talk and too little communication in all these places and times - but this seems to be so these days in politainment - Herman's passing is of much concern, because Solar, same like Wind and Waves and Geothermal are still embryonic and can not stand strong against "waist" dead-end and limmited "consumption energy production and distribution schemes....

I remember vividly at a conference with Willy Brandt in Hamburg on Environment and Development, I think it was in 1987 and we discussed by Ullmann (check name / memory is fading - too bad...), from the BOELKOW Foundation and him, like talking and drinking all through the night: not only about Hydrogne and Solar. What an energy and believe, vision, mission and strength of Hermann ..... But in retrospect, what have we achieved the last 23 years? In my view: much too little and late !! (see where we were 20 years ago).
Hermann, I promise, as the show must go on to speak out as lound and clear as needed to matter in Geneva in 3 weeks, it is really high time - looking with Youth towards UN COP16 Cancun in December, but alse the Global Problematique and Common Frames of References. ( - for Noel Brown UNEP-RONA these days..., looking with Youth towards UN COP16 Cancun in December.

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