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 Tagore Einstein Council - ready for 150 years Tagore in 2011
picture picture picture 14 Sep 2010 @ 04:33, by Heiner Benking

Yesterday we had an interesting public lecture in this years Tagore- Einstein Council session which focussed on preparing 150 years Rabindranath Tagore Council celebrations globally in 2011.

The public keynote featured Marilyn Wilhelm begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting and her Wilhelm Scholê International. Marilyn has developed a global curriculum which nicely coincides with the new reforms of the basic education system in Germany [more].

THE outstanding points for me where the differentiation needed about general concepts we all use but never question in modern times. Marilyn pointed to tragic mis-understanding or mis-conceptions (and often gross translationn errors) after for example Einstein's Relativity Theory in contrast to his original Invariantentheorie.
It seems like in "modern" science and modernity, with the advent of moderen media, computers, databases, and the internet, central concepts have been lost or where distorted or warped.
We later also mentioned harmonisation in contrast to homogenisations/standardization. [More about harmonization, standardisation, homogenisation] and a mcuh needed Humane Information and Widom society need further study and exploration I think and invite to check out some old projects/concepts:
meta-data and Humane Information society. [link]

Please come back soon to the TAGORE EINSTEIN COUNCIL site where we will make the presentation available a.s..a.p. [link]

For now maybe you get started by checking out Marilyn in the 2nd entry in this blog years ago - covering Marilyn with my Eyes from 1995 - 2005 - 2010
Please not this conference: Towards a New Renaissance 3: Harmonising Spirituality, Nature and Health. Presentations we had with the Medical and Scientific Network ! [link]
maybe also check from last year: [link]

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