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picture picture 5 Mar 2010 @ 09:38, by Heiner Benking

The Daisy and Sunflower [link] represent Unity in Diversity [link], the spectrum and variety of positions, perspectives and issues without domination and hierarchy. All participants might experience being on equal terms, no person dominates or sits on the top of the table, instead we see a rotation and beauty with the spectrum of tasted, opinions and concerns. Definitely there are Presidents, Heads of States and Networks, but also stakeholders, risktakers, drivers, observers, .... (all are needed !!: [link]) (see more at 21stCentury Agora [link] and [link]

We meet this week in Barcelonas a network of networks, the Anna-Lindh Foundation representing 43 countries in the EuroMed region. What I hope for is a Work-Nett of Networks. [link] & By the way I am representing here the Positive Nett-Works from Hannover and Berlin. [link] We will start with the first sessions now, so come back to check what is happening….

What I hope we can achieve this time? Something we already exercised around the 1001 Actions of the ALF at 1001 actions, [link] and the UN-CBD and UNESCO-DESD [link] Doing roundtables to dialogue in informal setting on “equal footing” what we call magic round-tables,[link] a setting we do as media-delegated dialogues [link] around events of any kind to make sure people interact deeply and efficiently and at the same time co-create, empower voices that matter…. Maybe see Voices from earlier events and check if you want to not only talk about dialoge, but experience and do it.
PLEASE COME BACK LATER - we are rushing here in busy times....

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