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 Agriculture-Davos-Summit - Berlin Jan 2010
picture picture picture picture 16 Jan 2010 @ 22:41, by Heiner Benking

GrĂ¼ne Woche THE GREEN WEEK in Berlin
Berlin is an exciting but alsounique, but also strange hub - 50 agriculture ministers 50 agriculture ministers and their cohorts flying in and out , but the public takes little notice, except flooding the fair geting some food and drinks. Little discussion you find about our diets, out agriculture, fisheries, and forestry.
The way we produce agro-fuels is of little concern, buch much is decided on the very bottom, on the ground and per capita, by the people and consumers. So maybe some people should revisit the CopenVegan entries, just scroll down 4 weeks ...

Summit declarations, as always are marvelous, the question is who is implementing and who is going to live with other forms of energy, new healthy but stange diets, and the way we handle out soils and waters?

I was tempted to show above the typical picture of the ministers meeting the press for a photo, but I felt to show the stage better some hours later. This is telling much more - not only that we need a jam-session with many more instruments and voices, but that the whole summit was still goverened by strange, distoted pictures of teh world (in our minds and aon the wall). Nobody seemed to have noticed that it most convenient to show the Planet Earth without the Antarctic (nobody is living there) and Greenland much larger that for excample India, when in reality it is the opposite - India is 3 times larger than Greenland !

During the day we where in the Berlin ZOO - with an Eskimo-Inuit from Greenland - remembering us about compassion with all living things - not just with Icebears - we will meet him tomorrow again at the GRUENE WOCHE.

Some Politicians argue for their lot, they like regional warning unaware of global heating, or confuse per capita versus per area - or any kind on singularily arbitray number. There is much confusion about scales, change (slow and fast/rapid) and issues per capita or per area). Ignorance abound you meet in the discussion on the podia or on the way...
I can only recommend at this late hour to visit my earth literacy pages - as there is too much ignorance and confusion on the basics and terms, so how do you think communication can work !? I can also advise to check the COP15 UN Climate entries from December 09 in this Blog and maybe see me later...

I need morfe soon - but please visit meanwhile the Copenhagen dilemmata and our little side-event in Copenhagen called CopenVegan. - and come back soon with "UNCLE" at the Polarworld events. - I need to get some rest now !

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