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 What is Democracy ? What are Walls ?
picture picture 11 Jan 2010 @ 08:16, by Heiner Benking

Democracy is .... Please have a look and share widely: TWITTER feed: [link] more: [link]
and: [link] Real-time results for #DemocracyIs

#DemocracyIs caring for variety: Requisite Variety, Parisomony, Saliency, Meaning, .. Variety.

#democracyIs shared prognostic, normative & participative FUTURES. More @ Club of Rome long ago:

Demoracy is voting and a dialog, deliberation & decision culture: See sharing, caring and daring. #democracyis

Sharing, empowerment, co-creation. Maybe see it happening at magic roundtables: & #democracyis

#DemocracyIs stakeholders, risktakes, drivers, observers, consultants, .. with rules & frames on one table for a given time: who is at the table ?

MORE AT: Peace Nobels and Crisis Summit? with new thinking, science, languaging,... ?.

see also the NO WALLS !! 2009 update:
2009 was not just Copenhagen CopenVegan “pitching”, bringing the sectors, scales, levels together, of the Interview with Aleco on 40 years Predicament of Humankind, but reconnecting with Indiana, and Lynton Caldwells new star, the Nobel Prize for see Elinor Ostrom.

Here my what is HOT at year 2009’s end:
Interview Aleco:
COPENHAGEN COP 15 see side-event at:
Berlin Change Days (BCD):
NEW Renaissance:
Sustainabiltiy Week Berlin HUB
description. 1001 Dialogues & 10 001 Seeds:
Dialog Publications - ECO-THEO-Ethical and other dialog and decision culture links.
Last not least: I recommend: GLOBAL AGORA:


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