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 Harvesting in the Survival Academy
picture picture 18 Dec 2009 @ 08:00, by Heiner Benking

Last night we harvested in the Survival Academy, revisited the side-events and looked into the future of the Academy and also the beautiful and precious planet, and not just of us Earthlings.
Stay tuned - check the links from yesterday and check out the young guy and ladies being the backbone of this UNFCCC COP15 in Copenhagen, CopenVegan, HopenHagen.... I am getting confused these days - sik more about the survival Academy and the side events here: One idea came up, was revisited !! It was to make again a parody about teh "situation", same as in the MADRIGAL SEE (Chesapere Bay, Baltimore) 1993 or so and then revisited at UN Clima'95 in Berlin, where we asked:
"Which world is in trouble !?" and how to go beyond Summits and Agendas !!.

Obama just passed by on the way to Bella Centre / no time for a breakfast deal / looks like he has to help bracketing and coping comming to survival ends hopefully tomorrow some time / and hopefully not a quick-fix but something towards something solid, lasting, helpful and that matters towards mount awareness and shared orientations and solutions... stay tuned - Copenhagen is "hip" these days...

I need to sum up this "negotiations" a.s.a.p. - but as we have fallen into deep solemn vigil coma after weeks and months of preparations, it seems better to take a deep breath, consider this proposal for an emergency summit, but also to relax, step back, look from above and with lots of oblique views on the matters, as it it important to know where we and want/need to go, individually, socially, culturally and collectively !.
Mark Twain one wrote: "When we lost our direction we doubled our efforts" (or so). A case for general orientation and governace, not just for personal directions... beyond turns and turfs.
Good Night & Good Luck !


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