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picture 17 Sep 2009 @ 18:27, by Heiner Benking

I just returned exhausted from an exceptional event: 5 years M 100 - Sanssouci Colloquium, Potsdam 2009
It was not just Genscher, Azouley, .... and all the big names of politics and media, but people which impressed me most like Tariq Ramadan.
I have covered Azouley and Genscher exchanges earlier, so this blog will be about the challenges raised in the final podium, where Tariq and ***, CNN where authentic and deep - beside all the other panelists and invited participants.
Important is to dig deeper into the challanges of odern media and globalisation, segregation and a "loundspeaker for noise" as one participant said. Time is short now so I need to add more on this special event later - but want you to have the latest breaking news..... specailly about Azouley and the Anna Lindh Foundations mission and potential. Please see the Press releases and come back later... [link]

"Den Anderen in seinem Anderssein wollen" "To appreciate the other in his being different" was the final press release and synopsis, please study the whole site and follow the links! specially to the YOUTH MEDIA FROUM the week before !!

For me being allowed to meet such celebrities was a lasting mindprint, me subsuming and resonanting the old days of Culture of Peace or ME; WE OTHERS MODELS ... with UNESCO, or the the Dialogues of Civilizations - which I strongly recommend. Please visit lasting CULTURES or DIALOGUES as I am rushing towards the GLOBAL FUTURES CAMP, not time to waiste...

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