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 General Motors and beyond
picture picture 1 Jun 2009 @ 20:05, by Heiner Benking

I was much concerned the automobile and automation in the early 80ies. Little has changed over the last 30 years. Our industry is not looking for perspectives for iteself, humanity and a sustainable planet. Narrow shortsighted tactics hinder longview, big-picture strategies. So we are waiting for sound solutions these and other industries. As I wrote in this blog at share-holder meeting of Daimler-Benz-Mercedes. It was like a deja-vue when share holders where asking for a change in policy and direction. The picture of the Chinese government asking in 1992, nearly 18 years ago, the same questions to the automobil, transport and building sector insdustry. That time, like today, nothing seems much different. Some look long distance, the others short-sighted for direct return and personal objectives.
Do we need more wake-up calls to make us look into positions, perspectives, values, orientations, and co-existences ??
I have just visited GM's Global Operations. As you can see the site is not yet updated, but only the list of international subsidiarties, but also the grid needs to be revisited ! As long as their map show greenland and africa having equal-area on their map - which means think about Siberia is if you take your equal-area glasses on !! I wonder how we can have a fair view onto Planet Earth, and how groups like GM can come to appreciate the area of a market in relation to purchasing power, the number of people per square kilomaeter, and other local conditions....
Have a look on erlier blog entries about earth literacy and map-analaphabetism and check the map of today and come back later to the world-view underlaying the public and corporate reason in the US and elsewhere...


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