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 Cinema for Peace, Berlinale, Mikhail Gorbachev & Shared Visions and Actions
picture picture picture 9 Feb 2009 @ 06:50, by Heiner Benking

Berlin is vibrant as ever, yesterday was the opening of Cinema for Peace at the Berlinale and Mikhail Gorbachev was there to remember 20 years ago when the wall came down, and his "new thinking" request. We discussed later at the press conference if we not still have this chism of East-West, Good-Bad, Capitalism-Socialism in our minds, in our ways we think and act. Mikhail Gorbachev called it a human-made TRAP which humanity seems to be doomed to create, but also saw some change in politics and our mindsets ! - and presented his Green-Cross foundation is making differences.
Later we discused engineering blueprints and architectural designs, not for building the other trap-dilemmas, but to more comprehensively connect old and new designs and vision. I showed to some collegues our work on "orientation frames" for education and capacity buiding. see here the discussion, coverage, and picking up of his "new thinking" for nearly 20 years as well.... see: "old" Club of Budapest Viewsletter.

Mikhail Gorbachev told us also how he encountered Reagan, how he made shure they talked on the same level, on "equal footing", and so stared a new era of going beyond "empire" and mono uni-lateralism to a multi-polar and mult-lateral world. Is this a new or old, as a vision or reality...?
Thinking about the Thinking Learning Spaces in the "Age of Engightenment" and workshops on "Out of the Box Thinking" and "Paradigm Mapping" we do I decided to make it back to the glamour and celebrities today.
Last night was the "Gala" at the Konzerthaus, Gendarmenmarkt. Impressive people, but also lots of glammor, glitter, and vanity.
On the ohter hand I was impressed by Ben Kingsley, Hans-Dietrich Gentscher who helped us remember the Berlin Wall comming down 20 years ago and which last not least Michael Gorbatschow played to make a difference to cold war. Ben Kingsley mention in his speech announcing Gorbi, that he had mentioned politician who had only their "sectores" in there mind and that is not making peace, but confrontation and war. Gorbi told us to step out of the box !! Documentation and more can be found here:
Please also visit were I report on how to leave the boxes and avoid traps. First in our thinking and concepts and then through sahring and negotiating transforming it to shared visions and actions.

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