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 Elections Strategies - YES WE CAN (but what and how with which impact)
6 Nov 2008 @ 21:48, by Heiner Benking

YES WE CAN - but how do we elect what and when and what does it mean to democracy, how Elections Strategies are Obamas architect David Plouffe here: [link]

This piece is on the 2008 US election strategies in the light of my experience with the election change analysis visualisation efforts (Wahlwanderschaftsanalyse) in Germany in the 80ies. (INFAS at that time and how I was involved with visualizing and mapping).

Maybe start here on how to present complex matters, how that might help to make more transparent complex, dynamic, multi-secoral, multi-level issues and the proportions and consequences connected to it, and how such "insights" are used and misused:
[link] - sld009.htm I need to frame this properly as this will have tremendous effect on our democracies. I would really love to see how far David Plouffe already moved towards what we called situation rooms in the late 8oies, early nineties.
Maybe I should make an old script available:
H. Steffen, H. Benking; Computer Graphics for the Processing, Analysis and Output of Corporate and Market Data, Berlin, CAMP 85 and H. Benking; Präsentation und Technik, INFOGRAFIK 3/87 a good round-up can be found here:
Possibilities and Limitations (Challenges) of Data-Visualisation with Computer Graphics ... - Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Datenpräsentation durch Computergrafik ... , Informatik im Umweltschutz, Springer Verlag, 1987 [link]

The frame of reference? see the Cognitive Panorama and the Cognitive Spaces overlap here: [link]

Please check the link above and come back as I feel I should work on this.

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