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picture 29 Aug 2008 @ 09:39, by Heiner Benking

iIt is like a deja vue for me reporting from Berlin's ICC, from IFA 2008 [link]

Already 27 years ago we focussed on exactly this integration, terms like infografik and CIM and CAE I have used in my main theme of the CAMP '83 keynote (daily focus on Management, Marketing,.. and Visualisation (Computer Graphics) - CAMP was organised by the WCGA (World Computer Graphics Association).
It was very visible what the futures could be for policy-making, markting and sales, when you could see the marriage of GIS and market and customer data, not just used for sales but election stratgies.
We at that time had not yet heard Bill Gates telling us that Computer and Television will not marry and earlier at Photokina Cologne in 1985 that digital cameras will take centuries,... or when having one of the first PC's connected to a prototype 600 dpi electroerosion IBM printer that our IBM-PC, without our UNIRAS Rasterizer (hardware box) took one full day to raster the image (just black/white) and we were the champions in colour dithering high-res, making such a PC busy for days (if not until breakdown).

See? Depth, Qualities, Scales are different when we compare yesterday and tomorrow. Jong Wo Park just visualised for us 281 Exabytes .. 100 floors disquettes all over Berlin 100 floor or 300 meters high !
I will go back to scales, proportions, consequences,.. later.

Deja vue ?
Yes, we spoke about text & graphics merge at DRUPA 1981 in Düsseldorf – showing that the Apollo Domain (Distributed Operating Mulit-Acccess Interactive Network) did already that: (multi-user, multi-tasking, multi-window) able to manage different data, coded and non-coded come together – same as the Talk of Jong Woo Park, President of SAMSUNG right now. [link]

Jong Woo Park remembered us that so many industry leaders and technology out-lookers where wrong in the past and showed how easy it is now to integrate seamlessly. He used body metaphors, repoprting that swimmers at the Olympics in Beijing..
MORE COMMING ---- IN THE WORKS Friday 29.August

4 C's

Creativity - Creativity - Connectivity ( not Customers... ****
ICONS !! Design ...

see also 20 years IRL ...

Last night we discussed exactly this integration: analog & digital, integration of text, images, video, voting, deliberations and values – to come to live up to the promise. And we realised how far we still need to go.

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281 Exabytes .. 100 floors disquettes all over Berlin

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