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 08.08.08 - What a day for stakeholdership and commitment
picture 8 Aug 2008 @ 22:01, by Heiner Benking

other people marry today - today I joined. Which is quite something for me personally after refusing memberships, decling offers like from the Royal Society, leaving Clubs, ... being tired of all this self-gratification elbowing, ego-exercises of modern celebrity saving-the-world efforts, and NGO-turfs [link] and "turns" worse than the old boys networks and ignorance ivory-towers of all this "clan and group-think" -'ers....
So today I stepped out of the maze of overexploiting myself by the only one possible mean I had left: not-associating myself any more.
So tday I renewed alliance to a group I was involved with 14 years ago and liked very much, called: TuWas ! [link]
TuWas means: "Do something"! - not just talk, but act (responsibly) (aware of all ecological, societal and cultural challenges we face).
I had uploaded and later added more context here for the CHANCES 2000 exercise we did in the 90ies at Hannover Fair:
maybe of interest is also CHANCE 2000 we did a few days later - actuall Christoff SChlingensief did it and we were just part of the "ELECT YOURSELF" - campaign theater in the circus tent: [link] - [link]

(I only add this here as these 2 exercises: "sharing spaces" and and "sharing voices" are my central concern and avenue for action, and the events have lasting memory value for me. I will add more documenation as I feel they show how to get broader audiences and get messages across by and with all or many "means"...

(I now also add the FUTURES of sharing Voices, Spaces, Futures) as all this was pragmatic and there was so mcuh energy and hope. Lets try to connect to these stream on my earlier homepages from the 90ies (done in Ulm before I setteled in Berlin):
[link] - - [link]

Ceptual Institute
Well, I think some consolidation of web presences and publications needs to be done sone - maybe using Video to bind the times and issues together and tell "stories that matter"?

more - please stay tuned - but I did not wanted to miss this very special day when and where it is time to speak up and out it you got it (Mahalia Jackson) When You Got It Flaunt It (Song Book Version).

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