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 Ecological Integrity and the Human Condition
picture picture picture 18 Jul 2008 @ 16:23, by Heiner Benking

Still out of breath I am reporting from The Global Ecological Integrity Group - Conference (GEIG) [link]
This conference was co-organized by Laura Westra and Klaus Bosselmann. Local Organizers: Farah Lenser, Open Forum and sponsored by Franz-Theo Gottwald Schweisfurth Foundation.

This July 16-20, 2008 we had "fireworks" of contributions, of events, and side-events
[link] (PDF)

I see this GEIG people draw much on philosophers like Hans Jonas - a good move to get more concrete about Ethics with Space and Time horizon. [link] I just proposed to add not only the SPACE & TIME HORIZON of his Responsibility but to add the ex-centric postionality of Hellmuth Plessner, The concretenes of Jean Gebser, and his long time friend Robert Jungk - who was 10 years younger (exactly) - see more here:
[link] and (in German): [link]

the depth and variety of contributions was outstanding and it is good that also law, justice and legislation people confront the CHALLENGES of Ecological Integrity and more so the Human Condition including Ecological Integrity.
I was remembered of topics at the Lucknow gathering: World Unity and Peace Education Department (WUPED) [link] but in more "in-camera" closed meetings style, but with a great depth and friendly attitude of outstanding participants.
Unfortunately our "magic round table" as a side event was not possible this time but the time is seen within reach that also scholarly scientific conferences leapfrog from the traditional "mold" of monologic lectures to mixed and more participative, open-format styles. See: [link] or some background material [link] to arrange for multi-modal open, self-organized formats: [link]

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