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 Old and New Agoras
picture picture 11 Jul 2008 @ 12:03, by Heiner Benking

Subsuming and resonnating after trying to recover from our 4 weeks 1001 actions for dialogue some items still haunt me.
Can we connect old and new agoras? How should they look like? Is there only one New Agora as THE Colaboratory for Democray to harness the wisdom of the people ?
What happens in online and large groups !? and what can be done when the times available is very limmited, or the location is "difficult", or expectations and assumptions of participants are too diverse, or do not match at all?

As you know I am a "Lover of Democracy" [link] and so a "fan" of the work of Ozbekahn, Christakis and Judge [link]
Please see also: [link], or: [link], or: [link], and last not least: [link] ...

I strongly recommend to study these sites. And maybe see more on system sciences, dialogue, angoras here: [link] or here: [link] or FUTURES: Agoras for the Global Village: [link]

Study the methods and procedures, and look out of the box bridging ways and means, and also into how to empower and not just harness, as we do with the Magic round Tables.

One central challenge for me was to include local and global agoras, the timing of people in different realiteis and worlds, and exercise with them time-credits. Why ? for the sake of reducing our carbon footprint ! and avoid travelling onely for a one-day stand.

I hope you enjoy this proposal for the Anna Lindh Foundation: [link]
and the outcomes of one of the side events around the 1001 actions/nights
and 100 001 diversities exercise (below). I found it very encouraging indeed. Please check: [link]
Proposing 1001 actions and 100 001 diversities provided a very interesting learning curve. Senior People in our German Foreign Office or positions around the UN and UNESCO called our side-event proposal: Mutig and gewagt (daring) or stark and needed.
What an encouragement ! I will go into this later...

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