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 Valencia Report - UNFCC-IPCC and the Earth - Is that our field or turf?
picture picture 19 Nov 2007 @ 15:07, by Heiner Benking

Finally the new and last IPCC report has hit the streets - but did it "hit" the "people" even when it matters to all of us?
Is this a matter that make us all act?
Why did the world did not react 20 years ago when the Climate and Development Conference in Hamburg with Willy Brandt, or when the COP-1 in Berlin took place in 1995?
Doomsday scenarios were already ubiquitous at that time, and earlier, media asked scientists to present vividly worstcase, serious scenarios!
People in Charge, like Elisabeth Dowdeswell (UNEP) wrote we know enough - we need to act to fight the crisis now - But how when me behave as this has nothing to do with us and we close our eyes and senses, and continue with business as usual.
Why was it so hard - even at CSD-15 - to speak about a climate crisis - which is much more than just climate change and the challenges we face?
Below I will focus on the reasons why I think we do not confront and tend to ignore the issues - why they do not "hold" in our memory -a nd so we can get dumbed down and continue "muddling through" - See more below:

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