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 UIA or UIA ? Centinental celebrations and a day of ??
picture picture picture picture 1 Jun 2007 @ 12:44, by Heiner Benking

100 years UIA Union of International Associations, 30 years Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential and some new "developments" in Brussels around Anthony Judge.
We ask: Union of International Associations or Union of Intelligent or Intelligible Associations? Union of Intelligent or Intelligible.
- and what they have done 100 or 30 years ago, and what is up for the Futures to come? with dumb or intelligible beings.

Today I received a very sad message when instead I was expecting good news and hopes for the international multilingual, intersectoral communitiy. UIA is celebrating 100 years of its foundation - in conjunction of another anniversary, the 30 years of its Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential, but at the same time it looks to me that the captain has left the boat, leaving the UIA Union of International Associations [link]  alone in heavy waters.
Did he desert the boat? Creating another UIA - Union of Imaginative Associations ?? [link]
Or is that the good news, especially given its relation to three complementary initiatives: Cognitive Fusion reactor (ITER-8), the University of Earth, and the Union of the Whys?, Together perhaps more appropriate to the chaotic challenges of the times to come and the need for strategic flexibility and timeliness?
please see:  Celebrating the Institutional Century of the UIA (1907-2007): senility, immortality or reincarnation ? [link] - (with links to rough translations into German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese raising interesting conceptual issues) if you have questions on the relationships between these initiatives please visit: [link]
If you read for example: In Quest of "Meta-Union"? - Interplay of generic dimensions of any "union of international associations" [link] -- you can see what this Anthony J. N. Judge is caring about and how he presents his findings to questions other not even bother to ask....

As a "long-time collaborator" I am shaken and somehow stumbling/crying in the dark in view of these changes -- and wonder if they are for the better.
The Blog entries below about the ontology of the UIA and other groundbreaking achievements might be of interest to better understand the challenges UIA dedicated itself to the last decades, even one century, how much they were and are ahead of their times - like always I would say ! - [link] -- [link]

This is of special relevance as Dropping Knowledge [link]  is thriving on such ground-work done by the UIA over decades for example at the VISION SUMMIT in Berlin this week: [link] What I refer here to is the reliable and fieldproven ontology developped by Anthony Judge and his collegues on the basis of 100 years of international work and the background of people like Paul Otlet [link] , and maybe I may mention Erich Jantsch [link] , James Welles-Wellesly, Robert Jungk [link] , Hasan OzbekhanÖzbekhan ,... ) all intellectual giants or great thinkers (see syntopicon of Great thinkers [link] ) - but except Robert Jungk known to only a few ...

PLEASE come back later as we have the G8 "at home" and lots is going in Berlin nowadays... liek the legislators meeting Sunday - Tuesday to prepare for the "chiefs": [link]

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