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 A symposion and co-laboratory to grapple with the global crisis ...
picture picture picture 30 May 2007 @ 18:45, by Heiner Benking

Around the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-15) in New York a side event took place to propose a SYMPOSION AND CO-LABORATORY to look back 30+ years with some movers at that time and grapple with the challenges of Humanity and Earth.

DRAFT - first quicky Wednesday May 30th 9 pm

- to grapple with the global crisis,
- to highlight past or future strategic decisions,
- revisit critical leverage points, and
- propose alternative options
- after laying out the situations, levels, proportions, and consequences humanity faces by ignoring the early work of the time of the formation of the Club of Rome, and other missed opportunities.
(pls see this blog-entry posted 2 weeks ago in New York: [link])


The author is extremely frustrated with the outcome and process of the UN CSD -15 ten days ago in New York [link], and yesterday's outcome of the Foreign Ministers meeting for the G8 consultations next week in Heiligendamm, Germany [link]

After reading the news about recent polls in Germany about what people think and feel about the climate crises, he thinks that it is high time for meddling in.


Opportunities have been missed - Options have been not realised - Alternatives not seen - ... because we are limited in what we observe and **refuse** all which is not in the often unaware considered frame of mind or body.

Call it the frames of references (Erich Fromm) or with hypercognition (**), - it all boils down to ignorance, foolishness, and ego-enlargement, to self-applauding exercises at the cost of others. It is **extremely** bad if MEDIA play games, POLICY forgets duties and missions, and SCIENCE is self-serving and lost in a sectarianism trap.

The Syposium we did on the side of CSD in New York was to:
1. focus on the leverage points,
2. review methods to include the terminological and value base behind any participation and decision,
3. to look into out mental models and linear, dualistic mold in view of the cultural and spiritaul aspects of profound geo-eco-dynamic changes, and
4. ...
5. ...

One result was to
- use advanced dialog design and decicison culture ways and means,
- use advanced spacial structuring of the issues to become aware of the sectors, levels, scales,... involved AND to become aware of the critical tresholds where science and/or politics (might or definitely) have LEFT OUT viable options.

SO MUCH FOR NOW - more tomorrow... pls visit in-between:
or the whole blog: [link]

scales - proportions - models - perspectives see:
dialog design - decision cultures
[link] on Civil Society Dialogue and Technology of Democracy
and about the structuring in a Cognitive Panorama: [link]

- Walter did not report back after his operation, so the project is presntly on hold - BUT WILL BE CONTINUED - PLEASE COME BACK !

The G8 picture below - I do not want to call it "map" - is a "self-portrait of the G8" - leaving out the ocean or the "other" 4/5 of the world.

An article or maybe an initiative for Earth Literacy and Map Alphabetisation or our ignorance to confronth truth and fidelity in sharing global proportions and issues can be found at http// ... and for the whole subject of GLOBAL CHANGE or LOCAL and GLOBAL CHANGE, or geo-eco-dynamics 1988 see: [link]

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