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 Google Earth - Virtual Earth - World Wind or 2D vs. 3D or depth of blind spots
picture picture 23 Feb 2007 @ 17:36, by Heiner Benking

2-D or 3-D is the central question not just for Google, but for our ways to communicate, maybe call it "flat" or "deep". At the bookfair UNESCO introduced with Google new developments for education. What that means and where the downsides are remains to be seen... This contribution explores also a cognitive deep-space or panorama.

These days, there have been many media coverages about Earth Mapping and panning and zooming in, and so it might be timely to revisit the TOPOGRAMM approach from 20 years ago: from 20 years ago, how it "evolved", and what it has to do with earth systems management and preservation.

The whole issue of multi-perspectives, oblique angles versus only top or front views has much to do with my work as a diagonal, top-down, bottom-up and oblique thinker...

To get the newest offers of Google and Microsoft, and where you can get the latest deep pictures of Earth's surface, consult this current article.

One of the next contributions should be about the ideas behind the "Blackbox Nature", why it was conceived in 1990 to hold analog and digital data including many sign-systems, and why we chose to build a black-white-light box for addressing white and black spots, even the hindsight - in case we are perplexed - or just for fun or in search of insights and visions.
Today there is a strong move and a whole spectrum of means to help us vizualise and imagine 3-dimensional embodied structures and so trigger and share ideas and realities. So we need to make sure we share the new possibilities and that not everybody is creating his own "uiverse" in splendid isolation, just talking to oneself - and wondering about or fighting other views and realities.

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