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 Seeds of Change - 10th Anniversary
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picture picture picture 12 Oct 2006 @ 11:39, by Heiner Benking

With the Club of Budapest we started the Club of Biudapest Viesletter - Newsletter with a section called: Seeds of Change. For the 10th Anniversary of this effort we repeat some of the more relevant entries, to not surprise, about EDUCATION !

We covered SEEDS OF CHANGE that matter first featuring Yehudi Menuhin and other members of the Club of Budapest which work in the field of Education. See BLOG on YEHUDI MENUHIN and Marylin Wilhelm and others below, see: [link]
and these PDFs [link] and [link] or as htm [link]
Now celebrating the 10th Anniversary I think it is time to look into lasting, resilient seeds, which are more than a heureka or "fulguration" as a sudden strocke of insight and achievements (emergence - see also: [link] ,
but also into proposals and actions which are valid, solid=tangible, proven and visionary, and so need support to reach wider spheres of action, to overcome our sweet mental solitude and isolation, often obvious in the ignorance, apathy, agression, ... we are confronted with every day...

So we will revisit the MUS-E contribution from 10 years ago, and the VIEWSLETTER editions for the Club of Budapest, look into other seeds which need a cradle, a safe place, an incubator, support...
In the next contributions in this BLOB we will focus on milestones worth to be looked at again !
Next week, This October 20th we assemble in Essen and look into the Menuhin Foundation event, you are welcome to join and register. [link] at the UNABWÄGBAR Congress (incalculable - inponderable) in the light of the 90th birthday of the late Yehudi Menuhin. (April 22nd)

The Picture below is such a SEED OF CHANGE we talk about and published by the EARTH CHARTA and produced by SOKA GAKKAI in 2003. For more see [link] and maybe the OPEN SPACE contribution I did at the EARTH CHARTA Open-Space in Urbino at the time when also the exhibition was openend:
For the linkage to SEEDS OF CHANGE to HUMAN POTENTIAL see also these BLOG contribution on the ENCYCLOPEDIA [link] (also in the BLOG below) and the LIVING LIBRARY project 2006. [link]


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