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 Literacy ! ? with UNESCO and GOOGLE at Frankfurt Bookfair!?
picture 8 Oct 2006 @ 08:30, by Heiner Benking

Frankfurt's Book Fair offered some surprises. Google Literacy provides the ways and the means. We were surprised to find UNESCO inviting the new bound between words and maps. That the maps used were distorted came out in the Press Conference - more is interesting and available on request.

Today is the last Day of the Frankfurt Book Fair. Here Literacy about information and media, in books and other forms was introduced in cooperation with UNESCO's Lifelong Learning and with the just lauched Google Literacy campaign. See LITCAM [link] and GOOGLE Literacy [link] and PLEASE stay tuned! More, a summing-up and outlook here soon when I am back in Berlin on Monday.

Moday morning Oct. 9th: We are collecting presently how hollow the word Literacy has become in a glut of Literacy campaigns and "new" initiatives everywhere. Having started pondering about MAP: MODEL: EARTH Literacy in Early 2005 I was confronted not only with what UNESCO is doing, or what was done for the RIO 10, but everywhere in lots of niches and "boxes". See Kurt Hank's and our "OUT OF THE BOX" and "PARADIGM MAPPING" exercises and workshops. [link] and as a starter: [link]

We as PNYV ! started the Map and Model and Earth Literacy at the first day the DESD Decade for Sustainability Education was made public at an EDUCATION FAIR, the DIDACTA in Stuttgart, March 2005. We were shocked that teaching material was out-of date and biased / distorted, inadequate for laerning about EARTH, Sustainability, Conviviality, or peaceful global co-existence, as strange and old views in world-maps are still in most atlases in our kindergardens and schools. This is not different today - as becomes clear surveying the displays at the FRANKFURT BOOK FAIR this/last week.

My central concern is to combine the Literacies, even include a Literacy of the fine and exact arts, and ART LITERACY and bring this to our schools and Elders!! as Artists like Kasimir Malevich were always pioneers to go-beyond and in-between, leaving the fixation of "either-or" towards an "and", inclusion instead of exclusion, and going beyond the uni- and the bi- (lateral).
Today the challenge is to add the other positions and perspectives. Maybe in a way as we introduced at the Club of Budapest Members Meeting in 1997 at UNESCO in Paris: Positions and Identities in Global Contexts: Awareness of Self and Others with me, you, we, they and "others" models [link]

The question is if we address Literacy earnestly and seriously or maintain it a an empty "PLASTIK-Word" (Uwe Pörksen), a word without meaning, referent, and context misused in sectarian fashion to support own turfs and avoid confront, in one word: IGNORANCE by neglect of the concrete. Our LITERACY Initiative's drive is to embody meaning and connect sign systems (representations) in order to share differences, Please see: EARTH IGNORANCE & EARTH LITERACY World-Maps, -Models and -Views and the need for Earth-literate Leaders and Pupils [link]

BOOK FAIR's and Publishers crave for "business" models, maybe a MODEL Literacy could help to integrate and Synthesise, in order to know - connect - transcend.

Maybe see also the need vor EMBODIES, TANGIBLE GLOBAL COVENANTS: [link] and a translation of an introduction of an article in HAGIA CHORA, I will look into translating right away: [link]


I have "outed" myself and could not resist to make public at the LITAM Press Conference at the Frankfurt Bookfair our planned campaign towards EARTH LITERATE LEADERS. [link] It will be aired a.s.a.p. see next "BLOG" maybe tomorrow. If curious see beforehand this contribution on thinking across scales and cultures, a prerequisite for any leader in Global-Integral times: [link] or: or: [link] or how to improve our ways to share and participate thanks to conversations and dialogues and NEW AGORA stile new forms of community stakeholder democracy: [link] keeping in mind the dangers of Perplexity and Ignorance in post-modern times we miss bigger pictures, meaning, and shared directions: [link] just as we have looked into a HUMANE Society in 1995-1998-2000: [link] erady to "Say No": the book was called in 2000 "Kultur der Verweigerung" - Das konstruktive Nein" [link] published with Bölau in Vienna, HIGHLY recommended !

For more on Literacy see: [link] As all this world are just words, depending what we mean, how we use, and how we make a difference by using them towards common ends. My work is about making more aware what the context, the scale, the situation, the frame,.. is about about because this gives meaning even to words like Literacy. For more see: [link] or follow more links in this blog to get a "rough" idea, "fine" ideas you will get only through sharing and doing....

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