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 UNITY in DIVERSITY : Dialog among Civilizations
picture picture 13 Jun 2006 @ 18:22, by Heiner Benking

Kofi Annan invited the Dialog of Civilizations and before 1997 "Culture of Peace". We invite to see the 2 volumes as covered below with my little contribution on the dialog of civilizations and how to preserve Diversity in Unity a link to "Culture for Peace" strongly supported by Vladimir Lomeiko and Kofi Annans maybe central and first initiative when he became Secretary General VISION TELEVISION - Programming for People - From Cultural Rights to Cultural Responsibilities. Unfornately the central event sites are not on the web (any more) - so at least an anchor to dig deeper and see the depth and wisdom of these initiatives might help. Last not least I am happy announce with my co-author Sherryl our little contribution which was originally prepared for the 100th anniversary event for Bertalanffy in Vienna in 1997: Dialogue
toward Unity in Diversity.

Finally after Sept. 11 a central paper of mind found a good "home". Maybe you like to visit: [link]
and follow the links
[link] to all the efforts like with TAGORE EINSTEIN Council/Foundation or the new President of the CLUB OF ROME at the planned Helsinki/Kouvola events,... which all went sour after Sept.11.
I hope there is time to revisit or redo the efforts or at least follow up some of the initiatives one day soon. Maybew visit the TAGORE EINSTEIN website ? [link] as an example to bridge not only North and South - but East and West and all directions and times (at least as an objective or star to follow..... .

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