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 Re-Inventing Democracy
1 Mar 2005 @ 08:14, by Heiner Benking

Re-inventing Democracy is one of my central concers. It has little to do with just voting to find a mayority to push ceretain issues or convince others, but with ways to find ways and means when we can not agree.
Democracy in many places is confronted with lobbying groups which push certain missions and create waht we call group think or clan think instead of having people participate and empower people to find solutions in a world of checks and balances.
We ahve been experimenting with time-credits (tokens) now since nearly 20 years and feel this magic round table method we call OPEN-FORUM might be one of many ways and means to co-create, empower, cultivate listening and summ-up in exciting group processes.
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or the WORLD PROBLEMATIQUE Blog below, where I further explore the need to look into the value base and how we come to commons and consensus by comparing issues, statements.
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