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 World Problematique - a synopsis
1 Mar 2005 @ 08:09, by Heiner Benking

World Problematique was the first articles when preaparing for my Diploma in the early 70ies. It was the time before the Club of Rome was founded. I had read about the Predicament of Mankind and that Thinkers were active to look into complex long-view issues which were threatening the Human Predicament.
I later learned that some of these people involved were also around the Panetics Society and so my interests in this matters were latent present even when there was for me and many a wall of silence when the Club of Rome "forgot" keeping this broader picture in mind when focussing on their short term projects.
Aleco Christakis as I learned form in 2002 wrote that they had created an artichitonic, deep philosophical design, when Forrester was only into an "engineering blueprint" which definitely was mor sexy and short-term rewarding, but as a technical, clockwork, hierarchical approach was not enough to tackle our worlds dynamics and complexities.
This Methodenstreit, some people looking for short terms scenarios, the other to question deeply the problem-base, was as I see it tragic for the development of more comprehensive and long-view approaches to the WORLD PROBLEMATIQUE.

In 1976 the Encyclopedia of World Problems was founded in the UIA - but his should be another item to be covered later.

Note 2005
Christakis Book to hit the street in 2006 will provide some more details - so let us wait and come back later!
2006, The book HOW PEOPLE HARNESS is out: Pls see and buy:

Note 2006
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