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A summary of Marilyn Wilhelms alternative school as covered in the Club of Budapest Viewsletter section SEEDS OF CHANGE (PDF). See below [more]
After some long searching we are luckily back in contact with Marilyn - pls. visit her website [link] or an earlier version: Wilhelm Schole International.
and write to her at: or

Marilyn Wilhelm’s education philosophy is based on a holistic approach to all forms of knowledge. The arts, sciences, and humanities are woven together and related to a universal system of values, which embodies an understanding of the underlying Truth and Unity of all spiritual and intellectual traditions. It aims at creating a unified vision of the world in which we live. The Wilhelm curriculum inculcates a deep-seated unity of conscience and brings about change and transformation.
Aug.1996, Seeds of Change, Viewsletter, Club of Budapest
Illustrations: Tim Casswell

She even has a new Website and address:
Wilhelm Scholê International, Developing Global Renaissance Human Beings, 3711 San Felipe Road, Suite 5C, Houston, TX 77027 USA, Tel: 713-568-9925, Fax: 713-552-0674, mwilhelm@wilhelmschole. - (contact: John Tsacrios,

"how to think...not what to think"

2010: LATEST LATEST NEWS: A film on Education with/about Marilyn is in the making !
EDUCATION - the most profound art of all time, a documentary film by Daniel Faltin

AND last years presentation of Marilyn at the Medical and Scientific Network event:
Towards a New Renaissance 3: Harmonizing Spirituality, Nature, and Health; 30 October – 1 November 2009 Humboldt University Berlin, Germany.
see also: [link] - maybe see also: [link]

"The Cosmos is a Kinship System" is available on-line thanks to Bernhard Harrer and will be produced together with her slides soon (so pelase come back !
WMV - [link] <250 MB so please wait and take care !!
also available in the MP4/avi format: [link] <250 MB !

Well - maybe also see my little presentation the next day, with reference to Marilyn and Marilyn raising concerns "from the floor" about the presentation " learning & leap-frogging"
[link] or see .avi file above...

UPDATE - new entry in this BLOG. Sept 13th 2010 we had a Tagore-Einstein Council public event with Marilyn - and definitely we did some outstanding step. GoTo Sept 13th 2010: [link]


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