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picture picture 23 Jan 2005 @ 19:59, by Heiner Benking

Heiner has worked on some imaginative and innovative approaches to dialogue and group communication, which he calls the ‘Art of the Arts’. Drawing on a chaotically wide source of inspiration including the Paris Salon, the idea of the Round Table, and the work of Anthony J. N. Judge, he has developed some simple but radically effective techniques which threaten to reinvent the art of meetings and how we share context:

Time-Credits which entitle speech and which participants can use or give away to empower and invite others to speak.

The use of metaphors, to enable the deliberate exploration of world views, for example: spacial conceptualisation, embodying, merging, and morphing of positions, topics, issues, and perspectives.

Models based on and revealing the architecture of natural thought processes which enable thorough understanding and exploration of inner and outer complexity from the perspective of being part of the picture.

His design of visually accessed embodied conceptual terrains can help to map and discuss "What and where we know" and to take specific positions in an overview or Panorama - be member and part of Nature, instead of being restricted to the position of spectator, as typical for conventional world views. (see also ISSS Conference, The Club of Budapest Global Event No.3). [link]

Heiner has played or tested ‘integral or diagonal thinking’ and the ‘Art of the Arts’ -Communication- with children, women, men, scientists, economists, politicians, and philosophers.

Aug. 1996, Seeds of Change, Viewsletter, Club of Budapest.
Illustrations: Tim Casswell

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