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 Lord Yehudi Menuhin’s MUS-E Apologia Education seeds
picture 23 Jan 2005 @ 19:57, by Heiner Benking

Two years ago Lord Menuhin started the MUS-E project in nine "difficult" schools in the European Union to prove that singing and dancing can enable children to move from prejudice, fear, mistrust, failure, aggression, and violence to trust, confidence, harmony and good academic results.

Agreements with various Ministries of Education and Culture have been already signed with the aim of introducing MUS-E into the General Curriculum.

MUS-E focuses on awakening the senses of touch, sound, taste, listening, hearing, recognition, orientation, and balance. The program proves children need the satisfaction of their senses opportunities for exploration and constant learning. The program goes beyond the scope of formal education to contemplate love, hate, serenity, exhalation, solitude, compassion, aggression, joy in nature, and exuberance. This rich development of the senses precedes ideally any abstract learning of symbols (e.g. alphabet) or structure (e.g. grammar).
Aug.1996, Seeds of Change, Viewsletter, Club of Budapest
Illustrations: Tim Casswell


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