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 Cubans now showing skeptism on underwater find22 comments
picture17 Dec 2001 @ 12:31 Cubans skeptical about sea structures
They say rocks may be natural formations, not a ‘lost city’

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec. 13 — There is no evidence that a recently discovered “spectacular” rock formation on the seabed off Cuba’s western tip was a lost city belonging to an unknown ancient civilization, Cuban specialists said Thursday.  Read More

 An ancient DISGRACE!!!!4 comments
picture10 Dec 2001 @ 12:43
Greed in humans has been & always will be, but I honestly thought we were past this.

Sea :-)

Relics sale unearths a controversy

Paying customers allowed to dig up ruins of Anasazi site
By Jerry Spangler
Deseret News staff writer

State archaeologist Kevin Jones' mantra is simple: Utah's prehistoric heritage is a priceless treasure.

Deseret News graphic
But owners of property on which sits one of Utah's largest prehistoric Anasazi pueblos believe they have found the right price: $2,500 a day per person to dig up relics of the past.
Utah archaeologists call it plundering, and they are decrying efforts by Anasazi Digs, a family-owned business based in San Juan County, to "sell" archaeological excavations wherein paying customers dig in the ruins of Montezuma Village, keeping whatever they find.
According to the company Web site, you can also purchase 1,000-year-old pottery vessels, baskets, animal snares and other artifacts. Or you can use stones from prehistoric buildings to build your own house.
"We decided to give people the opportunity to dig in a site that has never been disturbed, all under the guidelines of a licensed archaeologist," said Howard Ransdell, whose family has owned the property since the mid-1950s and erected fences to keep vandals out over the years.
Archaeologists have a different perspective of Ransdell's plan.
"I hate it. I just hate to see people plundering our sacred heritage for financial gain," Jones said.  Read More

 Seasons Greetings! :-) URL & Update1 comment
picture5 Dec 2001 @ 21:14
Happy Holidays All,

Our warmest holiday wishes are up for all 'netland' to see! I hope you will stop by & enjoy the holiday spirit & warm wishes! Warmest wishes this holiday season! Don't forget to sign our Holliday Messages Book while you are there! Also, I will continue to add new greetings from individuals & websites untill Dec. 20, 2001. So keep sending them, it's not to late!

Sea :-)  Read More

 Seasons Greetings! :-)0 comments
picture2 Dec 2001 @ 12:48
Seasons Greatings All!

Well the holidays are upon us. I am currently creating a page for our site to post holiday greetings to all in 'Net-Land'. Anyone who would like to place a special holiday message on the page please e-mail me with the message as soon as possible. The link will be on the 'Atlantis & Ancient Civilizations - Points to Ponder' home page later today or tomarrow. [link]  Read More

 Recent UFO Sightings13 comments
picture1 Dec 2001 @ 06:19
The recent increase in ufo sightings, especially in the U.S. have me wondering. Are occurences really increasing? Are we just watching the skys more after the events of Sept. 11, 2001? Or are we just seeing things out of paranoia due to the recent events? Just another 'point to ponder'.

Check out the following reports:  Read More

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