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 An Ancient Greeting for All4 comments
picture28 Feb 2002 @ 10:59
To: Friends
Members, Supporters & Friends,

You are all invited to come by & see the 'NEW' Atlantis & Ancient Civilizations!

Over the last few weeks Atlantis & Ancient Civilizations has been completely restyled! We have a brand new look & easy categorized navigation. In Communications we have new interactive forms and pages or read current & back issues of Ancient News on-line. Check out some interesting web sites in the Special & Communications sections. New ‘Points to Ponder’ abound in the Articles section. If you are looking to get that special someone something with an ancient flair, browse though our ‘Just for fun Shop’. Many unique or relaxing ideas, featuring the Discovery Store as our headliner!

We have also added Special Info. & Resources for Website Owners, Games, Jokes & our very own Ancient Greetings Cards!

I do hope you will stop by & visit a while! Please keep in mind while you are there that our Guest Book on the main pages & News Book on the Ancient News site are all new guest books as well. Please take a moment to resign them & let me know what you think of all the changes!

Thank you,
Sea :-}

From: Sea  Read More

 Updates2 comments
picture28 Jan 2002 @ 07:04
Merry Meet all,

Just want to send out some up-dates. Over the weekend Ancient Civilizations partnered with MSN's Sacret Places on our Weekly Newsletter. Secret Places is an MSN community decicated to the ancient civilizations & all paramornal. I been a member of this group for many months & have found it quite enjoyable. They have many enlightening articles & photos, as well as a very active message board. I ask you to stop by & see the community, don't forget to sign the guestbook!

The manager of Sacret Places - BrownKid will be managing a new section in our newsletter Featuring YOUR OPINIONS, of us, the newsletter, science, the world in general or even your loud neighbor! Opinions may be summited by e-mail to

Other e-mails for the newsletter are as follows:

Featured Site Awards

Articles & Editorials

To Subscribe

I hope to be hearing from everyone soon!

Sea  Read More

 Ancient Civilizations Newsletter3 comments
picture15 Jan 2002 @ 09:34
The Ancient Civilizations Weekly Newsletter is now available. Subcribers will have the newsletter delivered directly to their e-mail. Others may view the newsletter on-line Ancient Civilizations Newsletter

Featured story in this issue - THE NOSTRADAMUS CODE
A Recently Discovered Manuscript and Paintings in the Italian National Library
Reveal a Previously Unsuspected
Secret Code Employed by the Master Prophet  Read More

 Egyptian Symbols & Ancient Technology II6 comments
picture15 Jan 2002 @ 09:26
As we continue our look into Egyptian symbols and ancient technology, the mysterious 'Whatsit' is our next mystery to ponder. In the book 'The Rainbow Conspiracy' an amazing photograph is presented. This massive piece of unidentified machinery was one of six excavated in 1 of six excavated in 1990. According to the author’s informant, the items were secretly excavated on US Government property & promptly reburied by the same. The surfaces of these ancient ‘machines’ are covered with hieroglyphics, similar to ancient Greek, Hebrew or Sanskrit yet undecipherable. Are these ancient machines from the time of Atlantis? Could the hieroglyphics be the 'owners manual'? Or are these machines left from ancient aliens, a puzzle for us to decipher? Only time and investigation will tell  Read More

 Piri Reis Map32 comments
picture10 Jan 2002 @ 08:22
Great article! Very detailed, check it out!


Possible Physical Evidence of Atlantis
Piri Reis Map? Discovery near Cuba? Scott Stones?  Read More

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