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 I'm back! :)4 comments
picture14 Feb 2006 @ 20:35
Just a quick note. I know I have been away for a log time. Too many issues to deal with keeping my life busy. When I was very young I came to the conclusion that upon my birth someone cursed me with the adage "May your life always been interesting!". Well if my life as a whole hadn't already proven it, the last few years would have.  Read More

 Walking with the Ancients5 comments
picture22 Mar 2002 @ 17:57
Travel thru time and space and walk with the ancients of our past. See when the wonders of the world were built and by whom. Come join us in our newest feature - Walking with the Ancients - The Game  Read More

 Out of Africa3 comments
picture8 Mar 2002 @ 08:25
The theory goes that all ‘modern’ human ancestors migrated out of Africa at about 50,000 years ago. That they, being the fittest for survival, over ran and exterminated other homo-sapient species. Is this the case? Are we all from the same genetic pool, the same ancestors, and the same region?

There is compelling evidence showing Africa as a major starting point for modern behavior. This can not be disputed. The climate in the deserts of Africa have been very kind to those who once lived grew and then were buried there. The amount of evidence from is the region is astounding, all persevered by the dry climate. It is a giant playground for paleontologists and archeologists alike.

The problem is that it is the amount of evidence that has been found that lead these same people to the conclusion that we all started there. The general consensus is that we have found so many artifacts there in relationship to the rest of the world, this must have been the first and most populated place. Starting with they frame of mind, scientist then set out to prove their theory was fact. Without abundance of evidence showing from another individual location, there is no real augment against it. Is there?  Read More

 The Crusades - An act of faith or of politics?5 comments
picture7 Mar 2002 @ 13:34
“The Crusades as a whole refer to the liberation of Jerusalem from the ‘infidel’, Muslims. Not being of the true (Christian) faith, they were without souls so killing them was sanctified, indeed, called for by the Church. However from the Moslem point of view the same applied to the Christians. They saw the Crusades as an invasion of unbelievers.”
This is what we have been taught, but was driving force of the crusades truly spiritual or political?  Read More

 Sea's Mind - UFO's - Fact or Fiction?0 comments
picture7 Mar 2002 @ 13:32

The debate about 'little green men' has been going on since men first looked into the sky and wondered. Or has it? Maybe he was from the sky and was looking home. Well, that is a side of the debate itself isn't it?

I won't sit here and preach to you on how we must have arrived from the sky. Nor will I state we are the only life in the universe. In fact, anyone stating the last really needs an ego adjustment of sorts. To assume that humans are so grand, as to be the only species in the entire universe with intelligence, is definitely someone who's ego is so inflated that their head is reaching outer space.  Read More

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