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 I'm back! :)4 comments
picture14 Feb 2006 @ 20:35, by Roni Gemma

Just a quick note. I know I have been away for a log time. Too many issues to deal with keeping my life busy. When I was very young I came to the conclusion that upon my birth someone cursed me with the adage "May your life always been interesting!". Well if my life as a whole hadn't already proven it, the last few years would have.

Well, I am rebuilding my website which has moved. Bookmark Atlantis & Ancient Civilizations for the new location. I have added new features including Archaeological News which is updated almost daily with the lastest news world wide. A new Forum set up nicely to allow research, discussion, comments, ect.

Also coming... a number of new articles, some new ancient pictures & even pictures from my wedding last spring in the much ignored(on my part) vanity section

I will be adding some articles & news here soon! Just wanted to leave an update as to what's happening. Off to more work.

Sea :)

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14 Feb 2006 @ 21:12 by bushman : WB
Glad you have returned. :}  

14 Feb 2006 @ 22:11 by swanny : Hi...
Nice to emeet...


15 Feb 2006 @ 16:50 by jazzolog : Back From the Voyage
Sea is among our loveliest Log contributors. The voyage she's been on sounds difficult, so I am hopeful that part is over for a while.  

16 Feb 2006 @ 00:06 by sea : Thanks
Thank you for the kind words!! It is nice to be back & be active again.


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