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 UPDATE: Ancient News Monthly2 comments
picture12 May 2006 @ 18:37


Let me first welcome all of you. Our first edition of Ancient News Monthly will be published on June 10, 2006 and on the 10th of the month after that.

This new feature I expected to be time consuming and I was right! LOL Instead of a simple web page for this newsletter and emails, I guess you could say I got a 'little' carried away again. As a result the home page for Ancient News Monthly is a full section and has been moved. Please bookmark the new location. 

Our Ancient Forum has been moved to join it, as well as, Sea's Mind (editorials by Sea and Readers), our links section (please submit your links), shopping section and a section for the new Ancient News Monthly Feature Awards.

Also available: The lastest News headlines, updated 4x daily! Weather from the US National Weather Service, polls and more!

This new feature of A&AC is syndicated and fully interactive! This means items published will go out across the net to other syndicated sites and we recieve news headlines 4x daily from other syndicated sites and news agencies!

Non-registered uses will have full viewing use of the above items and more. Registering allows full INTERACTIVE use! Registering is of course free and allows you to post, comment, add news, links, etc.

I do hope you start enjoying all this while I continue to work on our first issue!


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 Ancient News Monthly5 comments
picture8 May 2006 @ 17:27

Ancient News Monthly

     We are pleased to announce Ancient News Monthly! The A&AC monthly Archaeological Newsletter! You, our readers, have requested and we have answered!

     Our first newsletter will be available in June, 2006, on-line here or delivered to your email. Subscriptions are available now for email delivery. Signing up is free and only takes a few minutes.


  • Highlights of the major Archaeological News
    for the month.

  • A featured archaeological web site for your enjoyment!

  • Editorials from Sea and readers.

  • Information about current, on-going research and projects.

  • The latest web news here at A&AC.

  • Each month the older editions will be available here if you missed one or just want to look something up.

  • And anything more we can think of, send your ideas and suggestions!


     We encourage any news, original editorials, pictures, ideas and suggestions!

   Have a favorite web site about archaeology, Atlantis or ancient cultures? Own a web site of your own and feel it's special? Submit it for review and it just might be featured here on Ancient News Monthly!

     *Featured web sites MUST be child safe and viewable by all ages! No violence, pornography, illegal or illicit materials!

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 Cyrstal Skulls - Art or Ancient Tools?9 comments
picture22 Mar 2006 @ 05:01
Once again proud to announce more to intrigue the mind! A new article written with the aid of DaEl Walker. Mr. Walker has researched the Ancient Crystal Skulls for more then 20 years & is currently care taker to five such skulls.

With the aid or DaEl Walker, this newsest addition, we feel, raises questions & thoughts not previously addressed in publications.  Read More

 Stonehenge8 comments
picture21 Feb 2006 @ 18:55
As promised New articles are appearing at A&AC.

The first series started as a simple article & rapidy became very long. To keep it from becoming one of those annoyingly long webpages I cut it to 3 sections. All on Stonehenge, you will of course find the most commonly accepted theroies, as well as many you might not know exist. I do expect some flaming once again over ideas, but hey... Like the stones themself, somethings never change! :)  Read More

 Walking with the Ancients5 comments
picture22 Mar 2002 @ 17:57
Travel thru time and space and walk with the ancients of our past. See when the wonders of the world were built and by whom. Come join us in our newest feature - Walking with the Ancients - The Game  Read More

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