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 A&AC Ancient Picture Gallery10 comments
picture1 Mar 2006 @ 01:57
I want to welcome all to the GRAND OPENING of the NEW A&AC-Ancient Picture Gallery!

Still lots more coming, but at over 600 photos & growing by the hour, I felt it was time to give everyone a 'sneak peak'.

Hope you enjoy!! Please let me know what you think.
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 Time to Relax!!! Play a game!1 comment
picture23 Feb 2006 @ 20:30
Relieve some stress & relax! New games have been added to our Ancient Games! Stop in & ask the Magic 8 Ball some questions, Bash a gopher on the head, play some Pong, the fun never ends!!

Check out the new Games

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 We tied for 1st place in round #1 at 'Battle of the Ancients'! :-)0 comments
picture4 Nov 2001 @ 17:08
Thanks for your support! The voting address this week is [link] Remember to vote daily Sun-Thurs.
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 'Battle of the Ancients'1 comment
picture27 Oct 2001 @ 16:15
We were invited to join a website battle with other simular interest sites. As it was accepted, we are now in a weekly battle for dominance in an ancient battle.  Read More