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picture5 Dec 2001 @ 21:14
Happy Holidays All,

Our warmest holiday wishes are up for all 'netland' to see! I hope you will stop by & enjoy the holiday spirit & warm wishes! Warmest wishes this holiday season! Don't forget to sign our Holliday Messages Book while you are there! Also, I will continue to add new greetings from individuals & websites untill Dec. 20, 2001. So keep sending them, it's not to late!

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picture2 Dec 2001 @ 12:48
Seasons Greatings All!

Well the holidays are upon us. I am currently creating a page for our site to post holiday greetings to all in 'Net-Land'. Anyone who would like to place a special holiday message on the page please e-mail me with the message as soon as possible. The link will be on the 'Atlantis & Ancient Civilizations - Points to Ponder' home page later today or tomarrow. [link]  Read More