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 'Sea's Mind': Fear of Self-Expresion!19 comments
picture2 Mar 2006 @ 23:52
It truly amazes me how often we, as humans, are afraid to speak our minds! I can understand it being hard to stand before a group of people you don't know & express yourself. What amazes me is that even on the web I see this happen all the time.

It happens in the news groups, 1000's of lurkers afraid to post because they may find others with opposing views, or may offend another. I see it all over in sections like this one, where comments can be made, even to what I am saying now. Are they utilized? Rarely!!!

I see it in forums, in our A&AC Forum alone. I have posted over 100 articles & have recieved under 5 comments. We have an open 'general' area to discuss most anything & yet no one says a word. Another section to post views, ideas, comments, suggestions, anything about the website - nothing posted!

People do have views, I know you do!!! I get the emails filling my box all the time. Questions, ideas, issues about the website, discussion on some of the topics... Everything that could be posted in at least 10 places on this website alone, end up in my email instead of in a place they might benefit others or encourage thought & debate.

I have to wonder... Why? Have we as a world society so beat up the individual that they are afraid of even saying 'boo'?  Read More