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15 Jan 2005

You gotta go see SolaRoof and look at the Gallery (upper-right corner of the screen).

Between the two layers of the greenhouse roof, an artificial cloud of bubbles is created at will, letting the sun in only when you want it, and keeping the heat inside just as needed.

Being a closed environment, humidity from plants (even sea algae) can be collected as pure water, and algae can be fed all the nasty CO2 from our bad-bad factories and become fatty algae, which can in turn be converted into bio-diesel.

There's a wiki and a group at yahoo.

The design is "open" (as in free software) so you can be the best champion to implement it locally. Just share what you learn, like good scientists do.

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16 Jan 2005 @ 01:36 by astrid : Hey, why not
live in such a House?... together with all your Plants. eh? Who came up with this structure? Quite interesting!  

16 Jan 2005 @ 09:18 by lugon @ : i guess it's because
I guess it might not be healthy to sleep in such a house, because plants (AFAIK) take O2 at night.

What is being tried out is to have the greenhouse above the home, so the greenhouse structure takes care of the temperature. We shouldn't have to pay so much for heating or refrigeration. Aparently, energy in the homes (I guess that means also cooking and freezing) takes some 30% of northern countries energy use.

I fully agree with Rick Nelson in telling each other what works. Blogs and open space and normal conversation!

We also need to try things out (so we know what works and what doesn't). Like ants after a piece of cake. That's why I'm trying to help at the solaroof wiki, to see how to make trying easier.


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