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17 Dec 2004

The FireFox+SpreadFireFox initiatives are exciting because they provide a model for more:

- See a need
- Create a very good product, openly, cooperating, using what's available
- Join and disperse to facilitate change

- What other need(s) do you see?
- Do you want help to create a community that builds or spreads a solution?
- What would you need?

Minciu Sodas Laboratory - Open People


"You never change anything by fighting the existing. To change something, build a new model and make the existing obsolete." (Buckminster Fuller)

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19 Dec 2004 @ 11:15 by scotty : Hey !
I just got the Mozilla Firefox installed in my comp last night !!!
Not had time to explore it yet !

26 Dec 2004 @ 14:23 by jmarc : firefox
using it right now. like it but... people, including myself have been coding their pages to look good and work well in ie for so long, alot wont work. Automatic redirects seem not to work very well. When i go check my realtracker stats on my web page, i have to use ie. If i write code to make a window popup on aonload of another page(not commercials) that doesn't work. People are embedding sound files all the time in web pages, but they are only coding them to work properly in ie. Embedding real player in a webpage works, but it wont play ram files and a few others that real player is supposed to work with.
Now if we all went into lockstep and used firefox, i imagine that alot of these problems would disappear but until then, oy! what a mess. Oh, also, lining up buttons looks completely different in firefox than in ie. I racked my brain endlessly for hours trying to code my radio dial to make the buttons line up the way they did in ie. When i finally found a solution, through using a class command in css, it looked great, but then noticed that it didn't look so great in ie. So i'm suspecting that the ie is the problem, but since 80% are still using ie, what to do, besides writing a script to detect browser type, which i don't think should be neccessary.  

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