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12 Dec 2004

A few-many people (depending on how you count) are trying make "changing the world" into a full-time job. Most of us can't. So I want to explore "changing the world as a part-time job" (CtW-PTJ), not fully, only a little:

CtW-PTJ is good because that way we can bring many people in: we can count on many million cultural creatives.

Also, there's the benefit of independence: you don't depend on being profitable if you want to do good.

Are there other benefits?

CtW-PTJ is not perfect, as world-changers can't be fully inmersed in the action: they are always distracted by the urgent job of finding food etc.

They are not free to move around and work where there's need to work, and are instead tied to their pay-jobs. There's a similar limitation in timing: if your pay-job is from nine to five, then that's exactly the time you can't devote to world-changing.

It may be morally and physically exhausting to work for pay in something you don't find exactly up-lifting and then, when nobody looks, work "for loss" on something you like.

Are there other difficulties?

CtW-PTJ reminds me of priests and priesthood - which is a "full time" thing. A church takes employees on a full-time basis, so they can focus on their job all the time, and even, if there are no accidents, for all their lives.

There's need to use people's "minimal donations" and make them worthwhile. I mean, a sort of "paypal" for world-changing work. People dropping one hour of tv-watching each day, and doing good deeds instead. Maybe something like 50 million hours in the USA, and 80 million hours in Europe - each day! That would be doable if people's action is within their own lives radius: what if people learn to do certain things on their own?

So we need to connect the "cultural creatives", don't we?

What have I left out?

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17 Dec 2004 @ 16:29 by craiglang : Interesting
This kinda puts into print alot of what I've been struggling with over the last few years. Ever since I began what I call "the path" I have had this issue of wanting to do what you refer to as "world changing", and yet most of my waking hours are spent at the day job. It has left me with a tremendous sense of un-fulfillment.

In my case, it is the need for health insurance, as I have a family member with a chronic illness, that essentially ties me to the day job. Yet I have found that when I start my "second shift" - which in this case is working on my book and other writings - I get energized.

I find that I now need less sleep, and have a much greater sense of mission now - since I have stepped onto "the path". I have no idea where the path leads, but when I am on it, I get an endless chain of synchronicities which seems to tell me that it is going in the right direction.

Thank you for a neat posting. I felt a quite a reasonance as I read it, and looked through the Cultural Creatives website.  

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