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1 Dec 2004

I received a letter from Krystle, saying "Somewhere along the line we decided that more of anything is better".

Here's what I believe ...

Each of us is born and learns from our local environment, but behind the learning there's an older "brain" (whole body, really) that -it's my current guess-, looks for older things.

My brain looks ONLY for "more of" well-being. Call it "endorphines", "personal satisfaction", "knowing this life is good", "this is the life I want to live", whatever.

Then, the money system fools us into thinking that cars and tobacco are equivalent or conducive to well-being. They appeal to our old hunger with new gadgets - and they succeed in fooling us.

How does that work? I believe there's an explanation here:

At they are creating a Currency Design Tool, which covers quite simply all the details involved in a "designed" currency: each "design decision" actually FORCES different behaviour in us "users" (victims!) of that currency!!!

You may be interested in looking at the "design decisions" here:

I did find them interesting!


So, looking at things more generally, I believe quite a few groups are working along what I'd call "the firefox way":
- people see disadvantages in the dominant web-browser (Internet Explorer)
- some (qualified, persistent, creative) people create alternatives, some of which are really good
- then they facilitate an "escape path" (easy install + community of evangelists + evangelists that are not part of any community)

Do you think this makes sense? Could it be that we need to "spread things that work for people"? Could it be that we can make it happen really fast?

Now, what do YOU think? Please?

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12 Dec 2004 @ 01:13 by spiritseek : my choices  

12 Dec 2004 @ 17:57 by lugon @ : choices didn't get saved
spiritseek - your choices didn't get saved in the url you gave, so I'm left in the dark as to what they are/were.

I'll suggest the developpers there might be a way to summarize the choices - something like a geek-code.  

13 Dec 2004 @ 13:22 by spiritseek : oh well
they were pretty good though and something I would like to see happening.  

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