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23 Nov 2004

Krystle writes a monthly newsletter. It's a good format for reflection: not too frequent and keeps me waiting for it.

The current issue has to do with the sources of energy. My summary: It looks like oil is doomed and alternative sources are not enough and corporations are not interested in creating a varied diet - they'd rather keep the "one size fits all".

I'm not sure if my summary is correct. Or rather, I'm quite sure it is not correct. :-)

But I'm deeply interested in travelling "beyond civilization" (as Daniel Quinn of Ishmael fame puts it). That place beyond civilization would need to be something like this:

- low energy
- varied
- fun

I guess I'll have to dig deeper in this!

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24 Nov 2004 @ 02:17 by astrid : That Ishmael....
...seems to be a real nice fella!.... I will definitely "persue" him a little fact as much as I ever can!.... he seems to be "my kind o'guy". Honestly! He does.
I'll keep you in Girl Talk....
Seriously, everybody, here we might have a tangible Plan for what we "all" are dreaming of: Heaven on Earth!
IShmael is worth Everybody's ATTENTION!  

24 Nov 2004 @ 09:04 by lugon : ishmael
Great! I feel the need to pass the ideas on.

(Successful knives have a part that does the cutting + a handle. Successful viruses have a part that does the "harm" + a "pass me on" part.)

But I think I would also (mostly) want to focus in the "let's go beyond DQ's phylosophical ideas and into the practicalities".

A portfolio of my own (limitted) energy, invested in various things.  

24 Nov 2004 @ 10:52 by lugon @ : Ishmael quotes
{link:|some quotes by Daniel Quinn}

{link:|book reviews by Krystle}

“…you must be inventive—if it’s worthwhile to you. If you care to survive…You’re an inventive people, aren’t you? You pride yourselves on that, don’t you?....Then invent.” (p250).

When I speak, as I did in Ishmael, of 'another story to be in,' they seem to imagine I'm touting a sort of miserable half-life of voluntary poverty, donning sackcloth and ashes to do penance for our environmental sins. They're sure that living in a sustainable way must be about 'giving up' things. It doesn't occur to them that living in an UNsustainable way is also about giving up things, very precious things like security, hope, light-heartedness, and freedom from anxiety, fear, and guilt. (p. 86)  

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