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21 Nov 2004

Edward Cherlin describes himself as a "simputer evangelist".

We can get computers and communications into 2 million villages and a number of other places, such as refugee camps, and use them to create sustainable economic growth. It will take years to get even one computer into each community that needs it, years more to put in lots of computers everywhere, and decades to go through the development process. So of course we need to start today.

Here's the plan.

He writes about the low requirements of energy for the simputer - not taking building it into account!

Sounds nice, and also links to Erradicating poverty through profit. He says something to the effect of "when corporations see the market, they'll come in a rush".

All of this sounds to me, increasingly, like "the firefox way". I.e.: there's a need, an alternative product is grown, an escape-path is offered ... and taken!

Usually people only see the "taken!" part.

A few are at the "an alternative product is grown" part.

We bloggers are at the "we told you first" and at the "you should know each other" part. Enzymes, anyone?

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