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12 Nov 2004

A couple of messages in the OSLIST (Open Space Technology, Harrison Owen) make me think that we really have the required "elements for change" in the World.

We have people. Lots of us. Each one almost insignificant. A bit like ants, aren't we?

We have this increasing ability to communicate. Sometimes it's deep interpersonal communication. More often it's just an "I need food", "I have food" sort of thing.

We have the internet, and open source/free software. And a growing "array" (a disorderly one) of cooperation methods and resources.

We have brains that can change from within. Ants can't do that as far as I know, but we can. My grandmother learns new gossip and phone numbers every day, so her brain does change.

Some of us even have a vision. One that we can share, or rather, that begs sharing. Mine has a mixture of fear and curiosity.

We're asking for a huge change, of course, so it's not easy. It will take time, and we don't have lots of time. We have rigid structures and also rigid ideas.

Not long ago, in Ming's blog, there was a bit of talk about "low tech revolution": things that don't need high, yet underdeveloped technology to work. I think Open Space is such a thing. Conversations, good old conversations, may also be such a thing.

What else do we need?

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