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 A better story to be in1 comment
category picture18 Nov 2004
That's what Daniel Quinn suggests in "Beyond Civilization": we badly need a better story to be in.

One of the threads of that story has to do with "money". I've been asking the folks at cyfranogi for a simple story of how things happen when people create a community currency. I hope to see it created (by us).

A story, a plot, a sequence of expected (and unexpected) actions, is quite compelling. We may be very much "story animals". I've heard a mother explaining her daughters how to cook a dish, and it was a story, an almost musical one. A sequence with sense and suspense.

So we may need to switch off the tv and create better stories to be in. Could you congregate your parish (so to speak) around some hipothetical fire, and just create a story? "How did we survive the Dark Ages?" Or maybe the story must be timeless ... "How do people become people?" Or they can be small. "How to open a schoolyard."

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