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 Getting things done2 comments
category picture10 Dec 2004
No, I'm not using David Allen's methods. At least, not yet, as there's just too much chaos in my room.

But finally I've managed to get a Pentium II machine, only 64 Megas RAM, but fully usable for my purposes. I think I'll be able to use Firefox, Thunderbird, X-chat, Gaim, Vimoutliner, Python, and little else.

I hope it will be a nice change after a Pentium I.

I guess I'll get into "GTD" (Getting Things Done, David Allen's way) as soon as I'm into doing what I want. Then, or so my current guess goes, I'll have a clear motivation to get rid of this nasty cloud of petty little things that simply interfere.

It's just a metaphore, of course, but it feels as if the stars are aligning, somehow. Or maybe it's my neurons or whatever.  More >

 Someone who knows ...0 comments
category picture24 Nov 2004
How to cook, how to grow food, how to make things with her hands, how to help others.

She's poor, right?

Yes, maybe, under certain circumstances. But not under all circumstances. And circumstances do change.

I had a conversation with an "ecologist". Not liked it. There must be other kinds of "ecologists".

A few hours later I had a conversation with an arquitect. She might be ready to share ideas under an open license such as "primarily public domain". Local, constructive ideas.

I need to learn how to do certain things. It may well be useless if the world changes too dramatically for the worse - or for the best - because in either case my how-to knowledge would be useless. But I don't mind - rather, I want to know some "basic" things. Even if I never need them.

 Wow, Knoppix! (and MSL)0 comments
category picture14 Nov 2004
Just logging in from a Pentium IV, using Knoppix 3.7. It recognises eth0 and provides nice defaults for everything, and I can ... it just works! (I can even listen to "Practice of Peace" audio files, with Audacity!)

It's good if I only want to surf the web, read webmail and do IRC.

I'll want to finish setting up a simple infrastructure if I want to work with the Minciu Sodas Laboratory.

That's something I'll want to give some more thinking to: the infrastructure. My current Pentium I is not exactly a speed-beast. I may get myself a Pentium II, second-hand. I just want the basic speed to have Firefox, Thunderbird, Xchat/irssi, vim/vimoutliner, Python, a PDF reader, some basic drawing software, backups (preferably to CD so I may listen to audio files) ... Not much, but certainly I don't get a reasonable speed with a Pentium I (64 megs RAM) - and I have tried!

So why not use the Pentium IV then? Well, it's needed for some ultra-sensitive stuff that we need at home, that's why :(. In a couple of months (I hope January or February 2005) I'll be able to "free" the Pentium IV, but until then I'm stuck with the Pentium I. I wish things could go faster in this regard, but no way.

And I do want to work in lots of MSL stuff. Andrius has set up a Spanish wiki and I want to contribute to the Table of Content (TOC) thing, both with Franz Nahrada and with Rick Nelson. I think that is going to be useful work. We're going to have to learn to deal with wikispam - every wiki in the world will have to, I guess.

Thing is, PeakOil has kept me a bit desperate these few days. I can't be sure if there's more to what they say waiting. I mean, maybe there's some better source of energy waiting down the line. But I doubt it.

And it really makes me a bit angry to see how people react to the whole issue: in my biased sample, they either ignore the problem, or they just dress in black and complain. Of course, it's most unpolite of me to just come up to a friend and ask them "what do you think about oil not being available soon?". But I'm used to being able to change "modes" while thinking. And "dark mood thinking" is just not useful now. My opinion, anyway!

So, yes, the Pentium IV does work with Knoppix 3.7 - that's good.

 Exploration3 comments
category picture4 Nov 2004
Yes, we all know ideas live inside our heads. But we can also look at them as if they were external entities. We can explore them.

That's one of the things that are good about writing: somehow, you get rid of the idea, and make it external, which in turn allows you to explore it.

The idea may be crap, and then you don't have to swallow it back.

Excuse the metaphor. ;)  More >