Bonniez Fun Town: camels    
18 Nov 2001 @ 11:20, by Bonnie Star

the younger ones are always the smartest ~(*_*)~

there were two camels, the young one said "why do we have big feet?" the other one said "so that our feet wouldn't sink when we walk through the desert" and the smaller one said 'ok' a long time past and he ask "why do we have long eyelashes?" the bigger one said "to prevent the dust from our eyes in the desert" he said ok. a long long time passed and he asked "why we have these humps on our backs?" the bigger one answered "so when we travel for days in the desert we will not get thirsty" he said ok. an extremely long time passed and he asked "so if we need ALL of these for the DESERT, why are we in the ZOO!!"AHAAHHAHAHAHHEHEHEHEHHOHHHOHHHIHHHEEHHEHAHHA

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